Trauma Survivors Intensive Workshop


Since you’re here, you’ve probably already read our informative Trauma Survivors Intensive Workshop brochure. You may be suffering from depression, anxiety, addictions, co-dependency, lack of self-worth, avoidance of others, difficulties with intimacy and loving relationships, or other typical trauma symptoms.

If it sounds like the Trauma Survivors Intensive Workshop could be exactly what you need to aid your recovery, and we can lead you to some genuine, enduring and positive results for the future, the next step is to get yourself registered for a course so we can work together.

[/wpcol_1half] [wpcol_1half_end id=”” class=”” style=””]Our Recovery Workshops have limited places available, so booking early is advised. Don’t delay if you think this could be of benefit, we don’t want you to miss the next workshop.

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Testimonials for the Trauma Survivors Intensive Workshop

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Thank you Dennis. I learnt so much over the course of the workshop. My 12-step recovery is moving forward, I feel “more myself” – don’t know how else to say it! Very grateful. The mist has lifted. Finally able to dispel the demons of neglect I had since childhood. I realised how many of my parents’ emotions I was carrying around. Can’t wait to do the second workshop.
Leslie, Bucks

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Thank you so much for the workshop. Three months ago, before doing the Trauma Survivors’ Intensive, I felt lost and my progress in counselling had stalled. The work we did in the workshop made a huge difference in my life, and I’ve made so much progress since.
Annabel, Canary Wharf

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This workshop has been so fulfilling. My anger has lessened since doing it, and I’m feeling so much better about myself. Family and friends have so much positive change. My work relationships are no longer contentious, and my work life has improved greatly. I want to do the advanced workshop, no question. Thanks again.
Peter, Los Angeles

[/wpcol_1third_end]Do you feel that “it’s all my fault”? The Trauma Survivors Intensive Recovery Workshop helps people become at peace with their past. If you would you like to learn to be more comfortable in your relationship with yourself, would you like to learn to nuture and protect yourself in healthy, rewarding and productive ways, this workshop will help.

Particular challenges for trauma survivors may include depression, anxiety, addictions, co-dependency, lack of self-worth, avoidance of others, and difficulties with intimacy and loving relationships.

The Trauma Survivors Intensive Workshop is modelled on Pia Mellody’s groundbreaking work in trauma recovery. The Trauma Survivors Workshop is often a very intense experience. You may experience deep emotions that you have learned to deny or suppress over the years. Here you can learn to nurture and protect yourself in healthy, productive and rewarding ways. The goal is to help you learn to be more comfortable in a relationship with yourself and others.

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