Love Addiction / Love Avoidance Recovery Workshop

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Since you’re here, you’ve probably already read our informative course brochure, if not a PDF is available here. If Ii sounds like our Love Addiction / Love Avoidance Workshop could be exactly what you need, and we can lead you to some genuine, enduring and positive results for the future, you should not delay in booking your place – availability is very limited. The Love Addiction / Love Avoidance Workshop is run regularly, but future dates are only published at the completion of each Love Addiction / Love Avoidance Workshop.

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If you haven’t seen the full course brochure you can download it…
[button type=”download” url=”” color=”blue” align=”left”]Course Brochure (PDF)[/button][/wpcol_1half_end]Love addicts give much time, attention and value to other people, whilst neglecting to care for or value themselves. Obsessive focus on other people is further intensified by fear of abandonment. Love addicts can be addicted to a lover, spouse, friend, parent or child. Love addiction is painful. It also negatively impacts other people within the relationship. Love addicts often experience issues with self-esteem, containment boundaries, and care of their own adult dependency and interdependency needs.

Love avoidants also assign much attention and importance to other people. Love avoidants have difficulty relating and, as a result, operate from a sense of duty or necessity. They may also seek to run the lives of others, assuming the role of parent. They may appear functional, but often feel pain and resentment, and fail to experience relational joy or contentment.

Testimonials for the Love Addiction / Love Avoidance Recovery Workshop

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Dear Dennis, thanks for being there and doing the workshop. It wasn’t easy for me, not at all. My love addiction stuff has been running my life for years. Now I’ve got some hope, and feel that I’m getting on track for the first time since my modelling career started 8 years ago. I’ll keep working on my boundaries, and I know that learning to take care of my emotional needs doesn’t involve getting involved in serial dating. No longer looking for Prince Charming, just looking for a good relationship, and willing to take the time to get to know someone over time.
Abbie, Beverly Hills

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I was worried that you would try to change me during the love addiction/love avoidance course, but you didn’t. I changed me. Well, I became more “me” really, I guess. The past 2 months have been wonderful, and I’m less avoidant with my girlfriend. Still a ways to go, but thank you for the whole experience. I didn’t think a few days course could make such a difference in my life, but your positive approach and the Pia Mellody inspired work has helped me to break old avoidant patterns. I started going to a relationship recovery group afterwards, and I’m continuing to learn and practise healthy intimacy.
Zack, Putney

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Dennis, thanks! The workshop was wonderful. I’m now seeing how I came to be a “love addict”, and how I move into being “love avoidant”. TBH I am still uncomfortable with those terms, but I can’t dispute the healthy directions they’ve led me to take. My wife and I are happier, our kids are happier now that daddy isn’t distant. It’s helped me embrace my family. Maybe do the couples course with my wife next year, if you don’t mind? The workshop was a great experience.
Gareth, Zurich


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