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Courses for Individuals, Couples, & Families

Trauma Survivors Intensive

Modeled on Pia Mellody’s groundbreaking work in trauma recovery and her development of the Survivors workshops at The Meadows in Wickenburg, Arizona, the Trauma Survivors’ Intensive takes place in a small group, limited to five participants over 3 days.

In this intensive you will explore issues from childhood and adolescence that were less than nurturing which set the stage for difficulties in adulthood.

Particular challenges for trauma survivors may include depression, anxiety, addictions, and difficulties with intimacy and loving relationships.

Love Addiction / Love Avoidance

This workshop is designed for people who have a history of unsatisfactory relationships, who find that there are flaws in the ways they connect with other people. Rooted in our early relationships, this manifests itself in the present as love addiction or love avoidance – we either crave closeness or we fear being overwhelmed by others.

As a participant you can expect to look at your past in order to gain more understanding of your early years and how you learned to be in relationship with other people from your early experiences of your family and other significant individuals outside the family.

Couples, Intimacy, & Boundaries

Couples can expect to look at their past in order to gain some understanding of their experiences and how they learned to be in relationship with other people — both from their experience of family and from how the saw their families behave towards each other and to those outside their immediate family.

You can achieve a greater understanding of yourself, a sense of liberation from old messages and core beliefs that limited your ability to be relational, and a sense of hope that with this knowledge and new boundary skills there is the opportunity to create and keep a healthier, more nurturing relationship.

Coaching for Personal and Team Performance

NexusWest will shortly be adding a new portfolio of business coaching events dedicated to the improvement of personal and team performance. To be informed immediately as these events become available, please join the coaching information e-list.